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Infusing Joy

Infusing Joy in the World

Our Definition of a Chocolate Chip Cookie

There is something special about a Chocolate Chip Cookie. When we bite into it reminds us of our own inner goodness. That’s why it tastes so good. It reminds us of how simple and good life can be, and how much Fun. Our world today is filled with anger, hatred, violence and unspeakable, abuse, conflicts and suffering. We need to take a break. We all have a least one thing in common with one another- the Chocolate Chip Cookie. In the short pause of time that it takes to eat one, we have created a moment of peace. There are No Big Shots or Little Shots standing before a Chocolate chip Cookie- we are all equal! We all enjoy the same thing. A Chocolate Chip Cookie contains within it a sweet subtle energy that is overflowing with goodness and Joy. That is the reason people like them. These cookies remind us of our own sweet true inner selves, our real Nature. They bring out a natural smile on our faces. A Chocolate Chip Cookie infuses Joy in the world because it releases within us a pulsating universal energy that we trust, love and treasure and understand to be part of our true inner Selves. After we have eaten a Chocolate Chip Cookie it is our responsibility to share that experience and hold sweet hold thoughts in our minds and speak sweet words Let us hug the experience of the Chocolate Chip Cookie and Infuse the World with Joy!